Facility Construction & Maintenance

We can fabricate and install a wide variety of facilities including multiple-well facilities, well head piping, separators, line heaters, compressors, tank farms, oil batteries, gas plants, pumpjack installations, and more. We offer experienced maintenance crews that can handle day to day needs as well as complex demands, including plant shut downs and turnarounds.

Maintenance & Construction

We deliver high quality initiatives that meet the needs of both customer and land owners. We have worked on pipeline projects from 2” to 8” in diameter. We are capable of handling up to 12” diameter piping.


Our welding program is capable of building flare stacks, pipe racks, metal stands, barrel docks, stair landings, and more.

Please contact us to see what we have in stock or what we can custom build for your project.

Light Oilfield & Hotshot

We have 2 ton picker services & can provide light oilfield hauling & hot shot services.

Civil Construction

Road construction and maintenance, water sewers, yard ditch construction, dugouts, and more.